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PULP® Event Decoration

Sustainable fun for every occasion

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Slide into creativity

with our drawer box

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Elegance Perfectly Packed

New Mini Rectangular Box

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Colourful Boxes

A new line of colourful corrugated boxes

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Cardboard Furniture Line

New Collection

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Premium Gift Box- Birthday Edition 1

Take your gift-giving to the next level with our fully printed Premium Gift Boxes. Sold by the piece. Multiple Designs available.

5.0  $5.0 / One piece
Flower Box

A square box with a Flower cut on top; perfect for a memorable unboxing experience. This box is available in Kraft color with the flower in pink

6.8  $6.8 / Bundle of 10 pcs
Hexagon Packaging Box

Give your brand a touch of class with a hexagonal shaped box.

6.5  $6.5 / Bundle of 10 pieces
Space Rocket Chair

The new eco-friendly chair for your child’s extra-terrestrial adventures.

9.0  $9.0 / 1 piece
Box with Transparent Cover

A carton bottom with a plastic top to make your items stand out inside the box.

7.2  $7.2 / Bundle of 10 pieces
Envelope Box

Your ideal packaging for your frames, books, and canvases. Available in all colors

6.0  $6.0 / Bundle of 10 Pieces
Big Picture
Colorfull cardboard Boxes
Teacher's Day Box and tissue gift paper
Teacher's Day Stickers
New pastel boxes
Ramadan Stands
Ramadan Stickers
Ramadan Printings on bags and boxes
Corrugated cardboard boxes

15, Jul 2024

PULP® Event Decoration Line is here to add sustainable charm to any of your celebrations.

03, Jul 2024

Unveiling PACK PLUS, our new reward program and your path to exclusive benefits

06, May 2024

Looking for a cute and Eco-Friendly gift for your pet? Our latest corrugated and colourful pet house is the answer!

What our clients are saying about us

The collaboration with Unipack-The Shop is special and brought a lot of leverage to our brand. The level of innovation in design and execution has been impeccable. We have also been overwhelmed with the team’s continuous care, interest, engagement and support on all of our projects.

Hisham Jadaoun, Owner and Managing Director at Rawi Rum
Hisham Jadaoun, Owner and Managing Director at Rawi Rum

What our clients are saying about us

As a small business I needed a small quantity of a display stand to show case my products ! And unipak were the right people to work on my small project ! The final result was up to my expectations and the project was completed in the specified work frame ! Can't wait to work on future projects together.

Sabine Khoury, Owner of Happy Mess
Sabine Khoury, Owner of Happy Mess

What our clients are saying about us

I requested a special stand to be prepared for my goods with specific sizes and in a specific manner. Indeed, unipak was meticulous in the design and the result was more than satisfactory, even wonderful. There is no need to talk about after-sales service. The employees helped to the fullest and with great pleasure. The company has become for me an integral part of my business. Thanks, Unipak!

Rania Alam, Owner of Bio Herb & Co
Rania Alam, Owner of Bio Herb & Co

What our clients are saying about us

We are so grateful for the exceptional service. Rashel was professional, detail-oriented, and attentive to our specific requirements, ensuring the box design was perfect for our brand. Our customers have given wonderful feedback about the packaging. Many have mentioned that they plan to keep and reuse the boxes themselves, which speaks volumes about the quality and attractiveness of the packaging. Unipak the shop has truly exceeded our expectations, and we couldn't be happier with the results.

Susu Smaili- Nighty Sixty Nighty
Susu Smaili- Nighty Sixty Nighty

great packages