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Embracing small businesses

Small quantities for big ideas

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The power of printing

Make your packaging stand out with your printed logo

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Standard size or custom size?

Let us help you choose the optimal packaging

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We are closer to you than ever

Visit us at our shop in Dekwaneh

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Make your kid's day

Browse our entertaining toys line made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboards

Discover our toy line


A 28 cm corrugated dinosaur, comes with or without paint. Easy to assemble

1.50  1.50$ / 1 piece

Corrugated magic wand for play-pretend. Comes with and without paint.

1.00  1.00$ / 1 piece
Hemp Rope / Ficelle

Thin, strong, and 100% biodegradable Hemp twine rope

1.00  1.00$ / 1 piece
Thank you Sticker - 2

24 Thank You stickers to decorate and seal your boxes and bags and elevate the unboxing experience for your customers.

1.00  1.00$ / 1 Sheet of 24 Stickers
Box with Transparent Cover

A carton bottom with a plastic top to make your items stand out inside the box.

8.20  8.20$ / Bundle of 10 pieces
Envelope Box

Your ideal packaging for your frames, books, and canvases. Now in Kraft, Black, or Red

5.91  5.91$ / Bundle of 10 Pieces
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Why UNIPAK the shop

You’re a small business in need for packaging?
Order as little as one bundle of our boxes!
Want to pack cosmetics? Clothing? Cakes?
Homemade goods?
We got a box for every industry!
Want a special size for your products?
Customize any size you want for
as little as 100 boxes!
Want to change the sizes and printing
for the next order?
No problem! You can do that without
cost of die-cuts or molds for every change!
Want to add your logo
to the boxes and bags?
Our digital printing service can make it happen!
Can’t decide on the box and size you need?
Visit our shop and have the right guidance
and consultancy to make the right decision
Can’t wait for the delivery?
You can pick up your order from
one of our locations
Click here
No minimum order

31, Dec 2022

The success story and partnership between UNIPAK the Shop x Darmmess

13, Jun 2022

Looking back at the last two years of hard and enjoyable work in support of small businesses

05, Jun 2023

The new box with transparent cover is here! And now with an extra small size!

What our clients are saying about us

Working with UNIPAK The Shop was an extremely smooth process. Our account was handled by Juliette who made sure our boxes were done correctly and in a timely manner. Lemonade Fashion has already recommended UNIPAK The Shop to several Business Partners and acquaintances. It was our pleasure due to the quality of both the products and the service

Tatiana, J. - Lemonade Fashion
Tatiana, J. - Lemonade Fashion

What our clients are saying about us

The only shop in Lebanon who provided good quality packaging

Mireille M. - The Art of a Scientist ™
Mireille M. - The Art of a Scientist ™

What our clients are saying about us

I am really glad that I chose Unipak to do the packaging of my brand Ebamboo. All the team was really professional and helpful especially Juliette and Antoine. We agreed on due dates and they stuck to those dates. The quality of the packaging and the printing is amazing, I even received many reviews from my customers praising the packaging. In addition, we share the same cause which is our products are eco-friendly and it is really important for us to raise awareness about the environment

Melissa H. - Ebamboo
Melissa H. - Ebamboo

What our clients are saying about us

Very pleasant! Friendly staff and amazing outcome

Chantale, Il Marmo
Chantale, Il Marmo

What our clients are saying about us

Best service, high quality, exact time

Madona C.. - Dona's Craft
Madona C.. - Dona's Craft

great packages