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Unipak The Shop x MEA: A Sustainable Collaboration

04, Jul 2023

Unipak the Shop reaching the sky with the Sustainable Flight Challenge with Middle East Airlines

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Middle East Airlines (MEA) participated in the second edition of The Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC), organized by the SkyTeam alliance globally and UNIPAK the Shop was part of this sustainable flight. How?

On May 26th, 2023, Middle East Airlines (MEA) had a sustainable flight challenge to trial the best sustainability ideas out there. ME213/4 took off from Beirut-Rafic Hariri Airport to Geneva Airport and travelled back to its initial destination. On board, an eco-friendly entertainment activity was provided to the kids traveling on that flight: our sustainability-produced, recyclable airplane from our toy line made from corrugated materials. The toy was accompanied by the famous colors of MEA, green, red, and blue. The corrugated airplane was branded with the MEA and Skyteam logos on the wing.

Not only did the kids on the flight enjoyed assembling and coloring the airplane, but the cabin crew and all 200+ employees at Middle East Airlines had their own corrugated airplane to display and enjoy.

This year's Sustainable Flight challenge (TSFC) was scheduled between 15 May – 28 May 2023in which 22 participating airlines implemented their most sustainable solutions and competed for awards in 31 categories.

It was an honor for UNIPAK THE SHOP to travel on board the sustainable MEA flight and remind everyone of the importance of this project and its positive impact on the environment

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