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Dinosaur Chair


The new recyclable chair for your child’s Dino playtime.

 $9.0 / 1 piece

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68 x 33 cm

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Dino kids chair

kids chair





corrugated chair


Product details

This corrugated dinosaur chair is a roar-some addition to any room, themed birthday parties, and the perfect gift for your science-enthusiastic child. Add it to their bedrooms or creative corners and let their mind wander through pre-history and the age of Dinosaurs. 

Made from corrugated, eco-friendly, and recyclable materials, the kids chairs are available in 6 different creative designs. They are super easy to assemble, simply follow the steps in the how-to fold video.

The Kids’ furniture line from PULPTM by Unipak the Shop offers a great selection of chairs designed to capture children's imagination, encourage their motor skills, and make their play spaces more fun.

Suitable for kids between 2 and 6 years.

Can hold up to 30kg.