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New product alert: Boxes with transparent covers

05, Jun 2023

The new box with transparent cover is here! And now with an extra small size!

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At Unipak The Shop, we listen carefully to all your requests and wishes. Our entire team put their minds together to filter every question, request, and suggestion, and truly work on bringing you what we can as new items.

The latest addition to our box styles' portfolio is the box with a transparent cover. Many clients and followers have been asking about it. A packaging solution where your packed products can be seen from the outside of the box.

With the new box with a transparent cover, you can choose between 5 sizes that best suit your items.
The box is a great packaging for colorful and cute items such as candles, purses, bags, clothing, souvenirs, and a lot more. The transparent cover gives a clear and direct look to what is inside the box.

To stay true to our sustainability promise, the box we created is made of two separate components: A bottom made entirely of recyclable and biodegradable materials and a PVC covers that can be set aside when sending the box to recycle. You can always reuse the box as a whole and advise your customers to keep it for other uses or for storage.

Check out the new Boxes with transparent covers and reach out to get advice and assistance to choose the best packaging solution for your business.

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