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Love is in the Box

01, Feb 2023

Introducing our 2023 Valentine’s collection: Boxes, printed bags, stickers, and more!

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We’re a couple of weeks away from Valentine’s Day and the season for love and gifts is upon us.

Gifts mean packaging. And packaging for your small businesses means UNIPAK THE SHOP!

So what have we prepared for you this year?

After brainstorming for months ahead of the occasion, and listening to our customers’ suggestions, we would like to introduce you to our 2023 Valentine’s collection.

We will start with the famous Red Boxes. After their huge success throughout the year, especially during the holidays, and the incredible feedback we received after we launched them last year for Valentine’s Day, the red boxes are a guarantee to catch the eye and ensure a memorable unboxing experience. With more than 50 options ranging from sizes and styles, be certain that you will find what you are looking for to pack your items and send them with love to your clients.

The next idea we are offering is printing one of our Valentine’s designs on the kraft boxes and bags. We created four different graphic designs to choose from and they will be printed on the kraft boxes and bags you order. The designs encapsulate the spirit of Valentine with messages bursting with love and tenderness. Of course, you can always choose your own design and personalize the bags and boxes the way you imagine.

Another addition to your enhanced packaging for the season can be the heart-shaped inserts: a corrugated pad with a cutout heart in the middle. The insert will fit perfectly inside our standard size boxes and will surely elevate the excitement of opening the gift from a loved one.

We also introduced four different designs of stickers. Sold by a sheet of A4, you can stick them on the outside of boxes and bags, or simply use them inside for decoration.

Finally, let’s not forget the tissue gift paper and shredded paper for the occasion.

With red being the main theme, you can order the color of the season in small quantities and pack your boxes with elegant and aesthetic fillings.

With so many options to elevate your packaging, you can also go further and customize the size of your boxes to make them perfectly hug your products and keep them intact until they safely reach the doorsteps of a lucky loved one.

We know how important this day is for your business, and planning for all your valentine’s orders is crucial for success. To keep our promise to be the go-to packaging supplier for all your small orders, we always bring you solutions to match the theme of the season and help you finish your orders on time and with the most attractive packaging.

Check out our Instagram page for more inspirations and ideas for your packaging this Valentine’s day!

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