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Elevate your packaging for Mother's Day

14, Mar 2023

Not sure what to do for mother's day packaging? Check out what ideas we prepared for your small business

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Mother’s Day is an important holiday to celebrate all mothers and role models in our lives. Taking place on March 21st of every year, the holiday keeps all retailers, small businesses, and gift shops busy and working relentlessly to bring gift ideas to their customers. No matter what you sell, your items will reach the lucky mom in a package, whether it being a box or bag.

So what do we have in store for your business this year?

After the success of the stickers for Valentine’s, we bring you three new designed stickers for Mother’s Day. Sold by the A4 sheet, the colorful stickers are a cost-effective addition to bring color to your boxes and bags.

We also created four different graphics commemorating the occasion. These designs can be printed on the boxes or the bags for a small extra fee and they will take your packaging to the next level ensuring a memorable unboxing experience for all the moms.

Another good packing idea is to fill up your boxes with shredded paper to give an attractive aesthetic to the boxes and make your packed items pop. You can choose from the color white, kraft, black, red, green, pink, fuchsia, or blue.

You can also opt for a more delicate look with our tissue gift paper. Whether in white, black, red, green blue, or pink, the soft paper will beautifully wrap your items and add color and life to your final package.

If everything else fails, printing your own logo on your boxes to make it speak on the behalf of your brand and business is always a smart option. With our digital printing service, branding your packaging is now an attainable feat for an affordable cost.

We have put in front of you many options to elevate your Mother’s Day orders and deliveries because we understand how important packaging is for the success of your small business.

Take a look at our Instagram page and get inspired for the season and for a lot of more occasions to come.

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